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Introverts Thrive in Coworking spaces

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Introverts and Coworking…a match made in heaven. Think I’m crazy? Think again. 

Some people might assume that coworking was designed for extroverts because we talk so much about connection and collaboration and community. But serious work takes place in coworking spaces and it attracts all types of people. Here’s why.

  • Being introverted is not the same thing as being shy.
  • Being introverted is not the same thing as being agoraphobic.
  • Being introverted is not the same thing as being isolated.
  • Being introverted is not the same thing as having social anxiety.


In fact, introverts like to connect, like to collaborate, and enjoy friendships and colleagues. They are also a huge percentage of the freelancers who’ve left corporate life in order to set their own schedules, work wherever suits them, and with whomever they prefer.

Why Introverts Thrive In a Coworking Space


Working in a coworking space offers you a level of control that you can’t get inside a traditional office. For starters, you can test out each space before committing to it, which allows you the opportunity to work from different areas throughout the space, ask questions of the community manager about how people prefer to work there, and get feel for what the environment is like on a daily basis. 

Most coworking spaces offer various seating areas where you can get work done either in a quiet and focused manner or surrounded by others if you’re in the mood. You won’t be trapped and isolated inside your home, nor inundated with noises like in a coffee shop because you can move throughout the space to accommodate how you’re feeling in the moment.

Coworking spaces don’t care what day or time of day you prefer to work either. You can set your schedule to be in the space working when it suits you best, giving you ample opportunity to recharge outside the space.


Ok, so the term ‘networking’ may not be one that introverts adore, BUT, working as a solopreneur or freelancer requires it to some degree. By connecting with the community manager of your coworking space, you can skip the big networking events full of random people and get a warm introduction instead. 

Networking also feels much less stressful when done in the kitchenette over a cup of coffee or mid-afternoon snack pick-me-up. Bumping into people in low-pressure times is a perfect way to network and make friends in a coworking space without all the anxiety.

Inspiration + Motivation

Working from home may sound like a fabulous scenario for an introvert, but working from home 100% of the time leads everyone to be far less productive because you lose motivation and lack inspiration. 

Just being around other motivated people can inspire you to keep going, achieve your dreams, and set stretch goals. Coworking spaces are full of people trying to get their best work done and that’s a powerful motivator. Plus, the bright spaces, beautiful environment, and motivational artwork abound in every nook and cranny.

Introverts at Haven

So, pull up a seat at Haven Collective and meet some of our introverted, thriving members. You’ll thank yourself for investing in yourself. Schedule your tour or trial coworking day to see how different coworking can be.

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