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The Ultimate Work-From-Home Gift List

Yes, we’ve all been working from home quite a bit this year, so we’ve rounded up the ultimate list of gift ideas for work-from-home professionals.

You probably have someone on your holiday shopping list in need of some upgrades to their new WFH lifestyle. Have we got some holiday gift ideas for you! Everyone working from home could use at least one of these items to improve their experience, so you can’t go wrong!

20 Gift Ideas for Work-From-Home Professionals


1. Video Conference Light: No more dimly lit ZOOM calls for you! Look your best on every call with this upgrade.

2. Microphone: Free yourself every now and again from headphones that rub or pinch and everyone can still hear you clearly with a separate mic.

3. Camera cover: Absolutely no mixup on whether your camera is turned off with this cover it’s very clear when it’s closed for additional privacy.

4. Laptop stand: Every chiropractor will tell you that you need to elevate your screen to eye level to avoid looking down and causing neck and back pain, so lift it up already with a sleek stand!

5. Ergonomic desk chair: A definite splurge, but this chair is sure to bring comfort and joy to anyone working from home.

The Little Things

6. Phone stand: Super handy way to keep your phone charged and clearly visible in a beautifully useful way.

7. Bluetooth keyboard + mouse set: An opportunity to get rid of an old, dirty keyboard + mouse set is very welcome and will feel like putting on a new pair of soft sweats.

8. Blue light glasses: Protect those eyeballs from all the blue light glare from being on your screen for so many more hours every day with a lightweight pair of glasses.

9. ZOOM shirt: Everyone is tired of seeing the same outfit day after day. It’s time to upgrade your ZOOM shirt (men; women).

10. Airpods: Noise-canceling headphones are the bomb and can be a game-changer for focusing on the tasks at hand.

Everyday Items

11. Whiteboard: Brainstorming, ideating, and writing down tasks and notes gets a whole lot easier with a whiteboard within reach.

12. Colorful Post-its: Your next to-do looks a whole lot brighter on a colorful, cheerful post-it note.

13. Pen with a stylus: A smooth writing pen that pulls double duty as a stylus to limit touching your screens feels like a luxury these days.

14. Desk plant: Nothing feels more chipper than a perky houseplant. It’ll give you something beautiful to look at, upgrades your ZOOM background, and helps clean the air you breathe.

15. Coffee mug warmer: Keep your coffee warm all day so it stays as fresh as the moment you poured it. Your distractions will no longer ruin a good cup of coffee with this warmer.


16. Wrist rest: A great pillow helps you sleep well but a good pillow for your wrist helps prevent carpal tunnel.

17. Posture trainer: While we’re all working remotely, it’s the perfect time to start using a posture trainer (no one else will even know it) to sit up straight and say goodbye to your chiropractor for good.

18. Inspirational nameplate: A little pick me up to stay motivated or find inspiration. Like this reminder to bring all the good vibes.

19. Monitor: Broaden your view with a larger monitor, second monitor, or curved monitor to stop flipping between applications.


20. Haven Collective Coworking Membership: Kickass coworkers, mastermind groups, business coaching, and a killer resource library at your fingertips is all part of the virtual coworking membership to Haven Collective. Give the gift that supports your loved one and their business year-round.

Bonus: Alcohol. Try something local like Watershed, Middle West Spirits, or North High Brewing

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