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Heather Moran: Leveled-Up Photography

Photo by Heather Moran Creative

Heather Moran Creative is a brand photography service that supports women business owners looking to level up their websites, social media, and marketing efforts. Heather empowers women to show up exactly as they are and express themselves. She knows that’s the way to create an impact in the world because it’s through the use of professional photos that you can create your brand perception.

Heather has been passionate about photography since she was given her first camera as a seven-year-old. Though she didn’t know it would become her career path, she did know that she loved taking pictures with that 35mm camera and as soon as she was able to upgrade it to a digital one as a teen, she did.

We consider Heather to be a seasoned entrepreneur. Her drive can be seen as far back as college when she took on freelance clients for extra money while she completed her bachelor of fine arts degree. After college, she took on full-time photography jobs to give her the opportunity to hone her product photography skills and then worked evenings and weekends on her own business. At that time, Heather photographed all sorts of clients and went wherever the work took her.

During an especially hot summer, when her air conditioning broke, Heather realized that the way she was running her side hustle and her life wasn’t working for her. She was working all the time but still struggled to fix the air conditioning because money was tight. So, she dug in on her passion and asked herself the hard questions to find out what it would realistically take to design the life she loved.

That’s when Heather created Heather Moran Creative and niched down to the brand clients and work that she loves the most. By hiring a business coach, Heather gained the knowledge and confidence to go after the life she wanted. All the changes she made in her business have led her to be able to let go of her toxic 9-5 job and spend all of her energy in her own business.

Entrepreneurship has provided Heather freedom to slow down. Once, Heather struggled to fit her side hustle into her life around her demanding day job, and today she is a full-time entrepreneur with ownership over her schedule. She no longer works weekends, and she has more time to focus on family and hobbies like reading, watching college football, and riding dirt bikes with her husband. She had also found that she’s more creative and open to trying new things without all the stress of working for someone else. During the pandemic, there were months when in-person shoots just could not happen and during that time, Heather had the freedom and inspiration to pivot and offer new packages. Some were successful and others not so much. She doesn’t look at that time as a failure but as learning opportunities. Her entrepreneurial mindset is strong and she leaned into it, never losing faith in her dream.

Today, Heather encourages her clients and other entrepreneurs to keep dreaming that dream. “Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s “too big”, or that “the industry standard says XX”. Find yourself a group of people who GET you and your dream. Other entrepreneurs have big dreams too.” And if you’re a creative, her advice to you is to “raise your prices; because you are amazing and deserve to make more.” (That’s some damn good advice!)

One day, Heather’s goal is to travel the world for amazing photoshoots and have a whole team to support her and their clients. We know that with Heather’s drive and perseverance that her goal will soon become her reality!

If you would like to work with Heather she’s currently booking Spring and Summer photo shoots. Hop on her calendar for a free call to discuss your needs.

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