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Circles of Gratitude

‘Tis the season to be thankful, right? And with the holidays around the corner, you might be feeling nostalgic for the traditional large-scale celebrations: the neighborhood trick-or-treat night, fancy Friendsgiving, extended family Thanksgiving, midnight service, carolers singing, and a big night NYE bash. It’s not going to happen this year the way it’s been, but we’re here to remind you that it’s okay.

If you’re like us, we love our fair share of big events and perfect parties. Think for a moment though: what’s the best part of some of those larger get-togethers? It’s getting the chance to spend time with a few great people that stand out from a crowd, isn’t it?

While we currently can’t exactly party like its 1999, rock out at a crowded concert, or even clink glasses at a fancy event, we can still enjoy our selective circles. While it certainly won’t be the same this year, there’s nothing that says your small-scale celebration can’t be spooktacular or special anyway. If you’re like a lot of people, you’re probably already doing this: whether it’s playing cards with your COVID Clan or drinking driveway quarantinis with your quarantine crew, you’re being safe by having some limited contact with your pandemic peeps. You’ve selectively chosen the circles most important to you to stay close to. As it turns out, we’ve been doing that all along, haven’t we?

Think about it: When you’re out at a large function, are you hanging out with everyone at the event or a select few you want to be with? When you’re at a networking event, are you shaking hands, exchanging business cards, and talking to everyone there? Of course not! You’re finding a select few people you want to connect with. At a big family gathering, are you catching up with every single person or listening to your grandpa tell an amazing story? How about when you’re at the office? You’re likely not interacting with everyone there on a day-to-day basis, but likely focused on working with your immediate team and connecting with a few key people. The bottom line is this: chances are, it was never about the big groups and expansive networks and more about purposefully choosing with whom to have a deeply meaningful connection.

So, despite the pandemic and as we head into the holiday season, don’t discount how special even a small celebration can be and remember that it’s okay to have a small, selective circle of close companions (and favorite coworkers!) you’re choosing to be with that stand out, apart from the crowd.

Guest Writer: David Lim

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