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Q+A With Community Manager, Jenna Brooks

Haven Collective Community Manager, Jenna Brooks on Mansion steps working on iPhone
Community Manager, Jenna Brooks. Photo by SugarPlum Creative

Have you met Jenna Brooks, the Community Manager at Haven Collective, yet?!

If not, you should. Here’s why. 

  1. She will be your ultimate cheerleader.
  2. She has all the deets on upcoming music events.
  3. She is passionate about helping you reach your goals.
  4. She has the power to get the best snacks and put on the best playlists at Haven.
  5. She is a kind, supportive, awesome person!

Seriously, Jenna Brooks has been an indispensible team member at Haven Collective since she started in August of 2022. 

Get to know and celebrate Jenna by reading on.

Jenna’s Background

Jenna graduated from Penn State with three bachelor’s degrees: International Politics, History, and African Studies. Since completing her impressive education, she’s interned at a non-profit and also spent a year mentoring and tutoring students in a 9th-grade classroom. 

Through her experiences, she came out on the other side with the wisdom to “always celebrate the wins.” 

She feels that this wisdom translates into her role at Haven by being able to celebrate the wins and accomplishments of the members at Haven Collective, as she has a big passion for helping them succeed and reach their goals. 

What are the Community Manager’s responsibilities at Haven Collective?

Jenna joined the team in August of 2022 to assist Haven Collective’s boss babes, Mel and Danielle, to manage the current two coworking locations as the Community Manager. 

While Jenna can typically be found at the Upper Arlington location, she does spend time at the Mansion regularly. You can usually find her at the front desk running day-to-day operations, managing the online portals, welcoming new members, and supporting current members. 

Part of her role as Community Manager is to maintain standards of excellence within the workspaces. From music playlists to refreshments to holiday gift bags, she ensures that members not only have what they need to be productive, but also that they feel like valued and appreciated members of the community

Q + A with Jenna Brooks

What has been the most fulfilling part of being the Community Manager at Haven Collective?

Jenna loves observing new members reach the point of their journey where they really settle into the coworking community at Haven Collective. She says, “I love seeing them settle into the point of, ‘This is what I do now. These are my new coworkers.’ It’s all about building that special community.’”

What has been a challenge that you have overcome at Haven?

Small businesses run on a tight knit team of hard-working, determined, passionate individuals, and Haven is no different. At first, being the first to join Mel and Danielle on the management team of Haven felt intimidating for Jenna. However, she says that very quickly she not only felt welcomed onto the team but also accepted that she is part of the team. The community at Haven is ever-growing, and now the team that runs it is, too!

What ways do you like to support the members at Haven?

She enjoys getting to offer practical, intellectual, and emotional support to the members at Haven and likes being there for members during memorable moments of growing their business. 

“I get to meet them in that moment that is really meaningful and special to them.” 

Whether they need a supportive ear after being presented with a challenge, being a sounding board while brainstorming ideas, or being a cheerleader when good opportunities are presented, Jenna likes being there for all the ups and downs that come with running a small business. 

What is your favorite part of being the Community Manager?

She enjoys learning about the variety of ways that Haven members serve their community. As Community Manager, Jenna is in charge of onboarding new members. Therefore, she is one of the first to meet new members and to hear what it is that they do and how they serve their clients. She finds these moments to be inspiring and invigorating. 

What is one of your favorite lessons you learned from Co-Founder, Melissa Blackburn?

“Perseverance and hard work do pay off.” 

Jenna feels like Mel has taught her how to work through challenges and produce results even during rough spots. She mentioned that she has had the honor to witness small wins that have been in the works for what feels like forever. Seeing those lengthy projects come to fruition has been a really satisfying experience.  

What is one of your favorite lessons you learned from Co-Founder, Danielle Lim?

“There’s always a person behind it.”

Jenna has valued Danielle’s approach to always considering the human behind every business decision. She has also been able to witness the way Danielle is able to relate to people in very real ways and the ability to talk outside of the business. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

Ready to jam? Jenna is your go-to gal for all the upcoming live music and concert events in the area. Most recently she saw Noah Kahan live and she is looking forward to seeing Paramore soon. 

Also, Jenna is a huge pet lover! Is she a cat versus dog person? That question is irrelevant, as she loves them all. Not only does she enjoy taking her own fur babies to the park, but she also enjoys pet sitting in her free time.

What would you like to say to members that haven’t met you yet?

“Come see me! I would love to get to know you!” – Jenna Brooks

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Written by April Warner

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