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Chelsea Skaggs: Postpartum Together

We love that we can talk with Chelsea Skaggs about absolutely everything! She is helping women open up about topics that we generally feel too uncomfortable discussing. And it’s desperately needed! Chelsea is the founder and voice of Postpartum Together, serving moms who want to find confidence in their identity after baby by breaking taboo stigmas. The mission is to create more normalizing spaces around the parts of early motherhood that are often unspoken. How very refreshing.

While Chelsea has always been unafraid and fascinated by having big conversations that others might shy away from, it wasn’t until after having her children that the idea of Postpartum Together came about. Even as a child trying to figure out the cosmos to college dorm talks about the meaning of life, she always lit up in group conversations around tough topics. It took a long time for her to see this as a gift that could be used professionally, but once it did, she dove headfirst into entrepreneurship.

After Chelsea had her firstborn, she struggled to find what she needed as a new mom. The types of groups and spaces available weren’t what she personally was looking for and they left her feeling unsupported. Postpartum Together became the solution to this problem, enabling Chelsea to tap into her background in psychology and sociology.

Postpartum Together is there for new moms in new ways, by connecting in groups and offering free resources so new moms don’t feel alone. Chelsea’s hope for the future is that “I will be on stages talking to pregnant or new moms about shattering BS messages around motherhood and being part of the movement to have healthier models of motherhood.”

As an entrepreneur, Chelsea says, ”Seeing the fruits of my labor plus meeting women and families on a personal level. It’s kind of like the classroom. I loved the individual impact of my students and similarly, I love the individual impact of my clients.”

For other budding entrepreneurs out there, She’d advise you to listen to your community more than your competition. While she believes in market research, a focus on building your community will always be critical because you’re building trust and authenticity that will enable you to grow your audience. And just like with Postpartum Together, “Find people to check-in with. Whether that is in-person or virtual, you have to have others pouring into your life and business. Do not try to be a martyr who does it all alone.” (We couldn’t agree more. It takes a village, really.)

Right now, Chelsea and her family are on the road full-time, focusing on creating memories together. You can follow their adventures cross-country on Instagram. They seek out hikes, beaches, and other activities along the way. She often sneaks out on her own to explore, journal, and you might even catch her singing some 90s emo tunes.

Make sure to follow Postpartum Together on IG, and read more on the website.

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