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Ashley Zuberi Thriving During Change

Yoga philosophy teaches us that change is the only constant. It’s this philosophy that’s pushed Ashley Zuberi to create Ashley Josephine Wellness and its sister platform Inhale Thrive to teach the tools of yoga to help people live more connected, inspired, balanced, and impactful lives. She knows first hand that it’s possible to integrate yoga into any lifestyle, regardless of what else may be going on in your life and the world.

Ashley Josephine Wellness was initially created as a way for Ashley to express her passion for yoga freely and independently that just wasn’t possible working for anyone else. It also allowed her to have one constant in her life as she moved from state to state (8 moves in 8 years to be exact) as part of a military family.

Prior to creating Ashley Josephine Wellness, Ashley had worked in and around yoga and wellness, working as a marketing professional responsible for managing social media during its infancy. This foundation gave her a leg up when designing her brand, and continues to be a skill she relies on often. Even today, she’s bringing the brand back to its roots as a way to connect with yoga practitioners near and far due to the recent changes in all our circumstances.

In that way, the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise because it’s forced Ashley to recognize the potential of online teaching and given her the chance to reconnect with the many communities she’s been a part of over the years. She’s reminded that “In yoga, everything works through cycles. When you get to the end of a cycle, you start over at the beginning but with refined awareness and new wisdom that allows you to move through the same cycle again in a new (hopefully more enlightened) way. So that’s where I feel I’m at with Ashley Josephine Wellness. About to move through the cycle anew but with more knowledge and wisdom and clarity.”

Ashley is a creator who expresses her passion through writing and teaching, using these talents to inspire others to show up for themselves on and off the mat. The practice of yoga on the mat is what hooked her at first, as it does for most, but the stress relief, lifestyle shifts, and philosophy are what keep her practicing and spreading the gospel to others. These aspects of yoga are where you witness the real shifts, because the more you show up on the mat, even surrounded by uncertainty, the more you’ll feel connected to compassion, kindness, and an open mind which shows up in our interactions with others (like with her 18-month old son, Oliver) and in our work.

One way that Ashley showed up for her business was to join a coworking community. She says, “Joining Haven was a game-changer for my productivity. Being part of a coworking community helped me personally feel more ‘official’ and responsible to my business. Since joining I’ve been able to create and stick to weekly work schedules and I’ve gotten so much more done. Plus, I’ve got the accountability of the community, which you just can’t beat when you’re your own boss. And the childcare was a huge plus when I could use it! Haven, specifically, feels very welcoming to all types of businesses, including lifestyle businesses like mine. I love that Haven cares about all the parts of your life and business, not just the bottom line. We are more than our money.”

Right now, Ashley is working on offering series-based classes that integrate movement, breathing, and meditation inspired by specific topics and yoga principles. One such series was on the Warrior poses and on deck is a series that will help people work through the stress of the holidays. In the new year, you can participate in a series that will help you embody the yogic principles known as the Yamas and Niyamas (compassion, truth, generosity, moderation, abundance, purity, contentment, discipline, reflection, and surrender). To find out all the details on these series and more, check out

To connect with Ashley in our Haven virtual community, you can join today.

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