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6 Ways to Do Your Part for Earth Day in Columbus

Photo credit: SugarPlum Creative

Today is Earth Day and to celebrate, we’re sharing some ideas for how we can all do our part right here in Columbus. We’ll start with the timely and move into timeless opportunities.

It’s never too late to start consciously making changes that support our community. So, let’s dive right in!

1. Volunteer (thru 4/30)

Green Columbus brings together nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individuals in the largest act of service for Earth Day on the planet. Each year, thousands of trees get planted in our communities, community gardens get ready for the season, litter is collected from our parks and rivers, and so much more. It’s an event that spans the entire month of April, so there’s still time to log in and find a project that’s close to your home or close to your heart to give a couple of hours of your time to supporting. Many of the projects are family friendly too, so it’s fun for everyone. Sign up to volunteer here.

2. Celebrate with friends and family (4/23 at Genoa Park 12-7)

If getting dirty isn’t your thing, but supporting local is, then pop downtown to Genoa Park on Saturday, April 23rd from noon to 7PM for a free, family-friendly Earth Day Celebration. While there, enjoy local food trucks, local brews, local bands, and local businesses. This is a wonderful way to celebrate the incredible work that all the volunteers put in around Central Ohio while getting outside and enjoying some fresh air. Learn more here.

3. Learn how to recycle and make it a habit

Recycling isn’t always easy or perfectly done, but the more you know, the easier it all is… and quickly becomes a habit. You can learn what is actually recyclable in our community by checking out this helpful site and it can also help you know what to do with those odds and ends things that can’t go into your blue bins at home, but are still recyclable with some effort.

4. Take up composting

Food waste is a huge component of our trash but it’s valuable to our ecosystem if we opt to compost it instead of sending it to the landfill. Not everyone has the space for composting themselves. Others might not have the time or disposition to do it, so there are options here to learn how to compost at home plus ways you can compost through your community instead. It makes all the difference.

DIY at home

Compost Exchange

Drop Off Site 

Earth Day Compost Giveaway 

5. Step away from single-use

Single-use containers have become something we’ve gotten so used to that it’s often difficult to understand how you’d ever turn back the clock to remove them from your life. But, it can start by making simple swaps and then as you become more comfortable, you can add in more reusable options. For my family, it started with reusable grocery bags. Then we added in water bottles and a Sodastream. Right now we’re working on removing Ziplock bags from our lives. It’s a fun challenge and beautiful reusable products give us something to look forward to as we make our transitions. One local shop that we love to support (and will always be part of the #HavenFam) is Reuse Revolution in Dublin. You’re gonna LOVE this shop!

6. Join a coworking space

There are so many benefits to coworking. We often talk about the community and connection, but it’s also good for the planet. Check out how Haven has gone green and how coworking can help you too.

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