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4 Ways Haven Collective is Growing to Support Our Community

Sierra Thomas, Danielle Lim, Melissa Blackburn, Tobias Roediger standing outside Haven Collective in Upper Arlington, Ohio

We reached the middle of 2023 and celebrated with fireworks! 

We know how easy it is to race through the middle of the year running full blast at your business goals, travel plans, and summer activities. 

At Haven Collective, we not only preach about making sure your life – business and personal – feels in alignment, but we also practice what we preach. 

In the midst of a busy summer, we recommend taking a pause and checking in… How is the year going? Is it what you expected? Have you had to pivot? Are you going strong? What is missing and maybe what is it time to let go of?

This constant state of reframing and reevaluating allows us the opportunity to not only deepen into our roots but to also look beyond our walls – it gives us the inspiration to GROW. 

What are we noticing at Haven Collective? 

First, let’s talk about what we’re noticing and observing happening at Haven. 

After all, feedback from the community is the main indicator of growth and change. 

At Haven Collective, we offer coworking and private office spaces designed for focus, creativity, and connection. We believe in the unstoppable power of those who create, collaborate, and support one another. We don’t just talk about community, we created one. 

However, something interesting has happened within our community during the past few years…

When we started Haven Collective, we envisioned it being geared toward small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. (Which it continues to be!)

But another demographic has entered the scene…especially after an unforeseen global pandemic occurred.

Remote Workers. 

We have seen a huge increase in professionals that work from home, not as business owners or freelancers, but as employees of a business. 

This welcomed new demographic that has entered our community got us to think a bit differently. How do we support remote workers that are not small business owners, but employees?

Another factor we considered is how our members have been handling the constant societal changes of the past few years and how we can make their lives easier, more convenient, and more comfortable. 

So, as we settle deeper into the 2023 year, we zeroed in on what our members and our community need in order to be successful. Check out the ways that Haven Collective is Updating, Expanding, Improving, and Exploring. 

Expand Our Expertise

At Haven Collective, we offer one-on-one business, marketing, and strategy sessions that you can schedule monthly for personalized support to reach your goals and elevate your business. 

In order to offer a well-rounded team of coaches, we are so excited to announce that we are bringing 4 new coaches to the Collective Coaching Team!

In addition to our current coaches….

  • Melissa Blackburn: Strategy + Operations
  • Danielle Lim: Branding
  • Sierra Thomas (Touche Financial Solutions): Accounting + Taxes
  • Varsey Laurel: Leadership + Mindset
  • Tobias Roediger (The Chief Marketer): Digital Marketing + Advertising
  • Melissa Wick (Wick Law): Legal


… We are so excited to welcome our new coaches!


These coaches are your cheerleaders, your sounding board, and on your team, ready to help you grow your business. 

Private coaching sessions for Haven Collective members are included at all levels of membership from Community, to Coworking, to Officeholders. Members choose which coach to meet with based on what’s keeping them up at night, and they click that coach’s calendar to get on their schedule. They get one 30-minute session each month for a total of 12 sessions each calendar year. Each month they can tap into the expertise of the coach they’d like without being locked into just one person. Ready to join the Haven Collective community and gain access to coaches today? Sign up here.

Update Our Space

As mentioned above, since 2020, we have noticed that the work habits of our community have shifted as well. In order to accommodate those shifts, we are renovating and updating the Upper Arlington location to better serve the needs of our members. 

We are increasing the number of private offices available for rent, as well as creating individual coworking spaces, which are replacing a large coworking area. 

The start of the renovation process is happening now, so stay tuned to see the final product! You are going to love it!

Improve Our Technology


In order to improve and simplify our means of communication with our members, we are also in the midst of creating one app to replace all the different apps and platforms that are currently keeping members connected to one another and to the coworking spaces. 

From administration tasks to access to the resource library to reach out to other members to even entering the building, we plan on simplifying the process of being a member at Haven Collective. 

Explore Our Options

We’re always on the hunt for the next Haven Collective location for Central Ohioans.  

Do you know of a good space that would make a perfect addition to our coworking community? Give us a holler; we are all ears! 

Need Help Growing Your Business?

Let Haven help.

Don’t let running a business run your life. Haven Collective is not only a place for people to collect and get work done, it is a community that fosters professional success and personal fulfillment. 

By joining Haven, you will commit not only to taking care of your business but to taking care of the star of the show – YOU. 

If you are looking to build your business AND prioritize your own fulfillment, click below to see if Haven Collective is the next step for you. 

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