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Megan Whitt is Tackling the Non-Profit World


Photo by Hannah Dunlap

Photo by Hannah Dunlap


Megan Whitt is no stranger to helping others score touchdowns. Both on and off the field, she is dedicated to ensuring a victory is won.

Megan is the Executive Director of the 3rd & Goal Foundation, a nonprofit, founded by former NFL quarterback Brady Quinn, dedicated to providing assistance to veterans and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

“The 3rd & Goal Foundation is committed to making a difference in the lives of our veterans,” she says. “The way we do that is by making homes handicap accessible for those wounded and by providing educational programs that integrate them back into civilian life. We really feel we are impacting the lives of our veterans during a time that they need us the most.” 

While Megan tackles the multitude of responsibilities that come with running a nonprofit, her professional background is far from the traditional nonprofit path.

“I went to Ohio State and received my undergraduate degree in sports management, and when I was at Ohio State, I did literally every single sport related internship I could possibly find… I eventually found myself in football, so my background is kind of unique.”

After college, Megan’s go-getter attitude landed her a role in the recruiting departments of both Ohio State and Notre Dame’s football teams. Just as much then as now, she was dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes for her team and ultimately, as she puts it, devoted to helping them score a touchdown.

Today, scoring a touchdown for Megan takes on a slightly different meaning. The team she fights for is a team she’s thankful fought for her first. With 3rd & Goal, she scores touchdowns for well-deserving veterans by providing initiatives that help them adjust to life after the battlefield. Megan has even led efforts to adopt a veteran for the holidays and provide special events  that bring joy to disabled veterans in Columbus.

In college athletics, I was definitely in a touchdown atmosphere, and now I’m just in a different type of touchdown atmosphere
— Megan Whitt

Megan sees this most recent chapter in her career as a means to bridge the gap between sports and nonprofit efforts, as she is determined with her pay it forward attitude to shine a positive light on the sports industry.

Now a member of Haven Collective, she’s thankful to have a place where she can get her work done and all the while feel at home. By utilizing a coworking space, Megan is able to feel a sense of community and motivation as she figures out the next move to improve the lives of veterans on behalf of the 3rd & Goal Foundation. 

So what’s next for Megan and 3rd & Goal*?

With a smile full of purpose, Megan said, “We have an absolutely phenomenal cause. We’ve been doing it for years and Brady has done a phenomenal job with creating this foundation, but the main thing now is just getting people to join our team and be aware that we are here, and we are here to truly make a difference. Whether it’s a veteran, a donor, or whoever, I want them to think of 3rd & Goal when it comes to making a difference for our heroes and score touchdowns with us. That’s what I hope for looking ahead in our bright future”

By: Rachel Rickman

*The 3rd & Goal Foundation has two charity events coming up that you can sponsor and/or attend to show your support. Check out the Heroes in the Hangar suitcase party and the Blue Jacket Golf Outing at Tartan Fields.

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