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Women Who Rock – Legendivas

March is National Women’s History month, so we just had to share some of our favorite badass female entrepreneurs that still inspire us to this day. These women are legends.

Madam Walker Quote.png

1905 – Madam C.J. Walker

Who isn’t inspired by an underdog story? Madam C.J. Walker started her company, Madam Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower in 1905 from nothing. She was the daughter of former slaves and orphaned at age 7. Her hard work set the stage for women entrepreneurs and practically the entire cosmetics industry.



Elizabeth Arden quote.png

1909 – Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden had a vision to take makeup from the stage to every woman in America, and in the process built a global brand worth more than a billion dollars. She believed that every woman deserves to be beautiful and she set out to create products that enhance their natural assets.


Coco Chanel quote.png


1910 – Coco Chanel

From a small hat store to a luxury brand that revolutionized fashion, Coco Chanel epitomized classic beauty. Her legend will forever live and inspire fashionistas yet to be born.


Olive Ann Beech quote.png



1932 – Olive Ann Beech

During some of the hardest years in America, Olive Ann Beech co-founded and later became the head of Beech Airline Corp, which manufactured airplanes for World War II. The Great Depression couldn’t stop this woman’s entrepreneurial spirit. She spearheaded the organization for nearly twenty years, growing into a multi-million dollar enterprise that was later purchased by Raytheon.

Brownie Wise quote.png


1950 – Brownie Wise

Look in just about every woman’s kitchen in the country and you’ll find some Tupperware. That’s because Brownie Wise changed the way Tupperware was sold. Though not an entrepreneur, she created the “party plan” marketing tactic that is used today by nearly every direct sales company in existence. Her charm and ambition shifted how products are sold, providing a new opportunity for women to work from home. (Basically creating a need for coworking. Hell yeah!)


What other female entrepreneurs blow your mind?



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