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Our Promises to You in the New Year

As important as it is to set personal goals and resolutions each year, we think it’s also a great practice to take a fresh look at your business. We’re not talking about typical year-end planning and budgeting but, rather, a step back to determine the tone, feeling, and atmosphere you’re setting for your customers. Whether you call it branding or customer experience, it all boils down to showing your customers what you’re about rather than simply telling them. We looked back on our manifesto because it is the foundation for why we wanted to create Haven Collective, and we promise to always come back to this foundation as we build our community.   

We BELIEVE that....png

We’re working our tails off to ensure that our 2018 plans hold true to our core values: Inclusion, Productivity, Connection & Balance. We promise that we’ll focus on providing a space where you feel welcomed and included so that you can benefit from having a connection with coworkers for collaboration, idea sharing or just a laugh when you need it. Those tools and resources you need to drive your business to the next level, we’ve got those too. Whether a few hours of kid-free work time, a professional conference room or valuable networking events are what you need to get sh*t done, we’re working with you and for you to ensure that we meet those needs. 

We STRIVE to....png

Whatever your experience with coworking, we promise you that Haven will be a warm environment that you can feel proud to call your own. We hope that you’ll take some time for balance in 2018 and experience the Haven that we strive to provide for you, in 2018 and beyond.

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