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Child-Friendly Coworking in Columbus – Meet Our Littlest Coworkers


Best friends enjoying the Haven Kids Club

Best friends enjoying the Haven Kids Club


Two years ago, when we set out on our journey to open the very first coworking space with child care in Columbus, we just knew how immensely important it was going to be for parents. What we didn’t expect was how important it would be for the kids, too. Meet our littlest coworkers as we reflect on our two years as the premier child-friendly coworking community in Central Ohio!

Work-From-Home Life

Professionals that work from home every day, with distractions abound, understand that the burden of isolation is no joke and know that career advancement can be non-existent. Just imagine adding parenting into the mix: All the distractions are multiplied tenfold! Of course, to make matters worse, it’s all compounded by the fact that multitasking leaves you unable to give anything your full attention. At the end of the day, it leaves you, as a work-from-home parent, with an extra heavy burden that can weigh on both your professional and personal life.

Best friends enjoying a good book in Kids Club

Best friends enjoying a good book in Kids Club

Enter child-friendly coworking. Now, professionals who are also parents can create a routine where they bring their little ones to the office with them. Your kid(s) learn and play in a safe environment with professional supervision from Sitting Made Simple while you focus in an inviting and professional workspace to get your best work done. Just a few hours each week can make all the difference for many parents. Every day, we hear our members saying how much joining Haven Collective has brought them out of their shells, gotten them unstuck, and given them a routine and structure for productivity and fulfillment free from the isolation and distractions of working from home.

Routine is Underrated

On nearly every list of “best advice to eliminate distraction and procrastination from your life” is the tidbit about routine. The thing is, they’re right! Sometimes it will be called “time-blocking” or “ime-chunking” (ew) and other times it is masqueraded as “setting boundaries”. No matter what you call it or what way you look at it, routines are habits that help us to focus – and that’s not a bad thing to have when you’re trying to get stuff done.

Best friends dancing in Haven Collective Kids Club

Best friends dancing in Haven Collective Kids Club

For parents, a routine is a foundation that anchors each day. Children are tiny humans – and humans thrive within the routine and structure we provide for them throughout the day: when to eat, nap, play and go to bed each night. Routines give children the stability they need. The same is certainly true for adults (you know, the bigger humans), which is why coworking can play such a vital role in creating the routine that allows parents to be more present with their families when they are at home by eliminating the multitasking that gets them nowhere. Being able to tackle all the to-dos on the list in a matter of minutes or hours instead of days enables everyone to truly enjoy the quality time that is freed up for those we love most (like our smallest Havenites!).

Best Friends

Community fosters friendships. That goes for the no-longer-having-to-work-from-home parents who now work from Haven as well as our littlest Kids Club members. A lot is said for collaboration and connection in coworking, but we’ve seen friendships develop too often to count. Our kids look forward to seeing their friends every time they’re in. Parents plan play dates and coffee meetups outside the office. The connections started at Haven or surrounding kids club do not end at the door.

Ending isolation for parents and kids alike is a huge benefit of joining a child-friendly coworking community. Imagine how you feel when you can’t wait to see people that know you, care about you, and want to help you, your children, and your business grow – it’s absolutely electric! Our reward for being here to serve you is being able to see your smile, succeed, and surpass your dreams.

Are you tired of the Work-from-Home Life? Do you want to see how our Kids Club can add value to your kids and your business? If you’re ready to see what coworking in a child-friendly coworking community is all about, join us for a tour or trial day with you and your little one(s). It brightens our days to meet you and learn about your family and business. Come join us – and bring your kid(s), too – we can all shine brighter, together. 

We look forward to seeing you very soon.

Wow! Great place to crunch and get work done. There’s a kid’s room for the little ones, a MUST for any working parent. And my meetings really got an upgrade from my home office – I no longer felt like I was apologizing/speed cleaning my home or meeting in a loud restaurant, I was a BOSS complete with reception and big-windowed meeting rooms with all the tricks! Thanks for making me look good 💕
— Emily L.

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