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Miss B. Haven

Miss B Haven Award

Let me introduce you to the newest tradition that the #HavenFam has created. Meet Miss B. Haven. Haven OG member, Beth Menduni, discovered an old trophy of unknown origins during renovations at the Haven Collective Mansion two years ago, long before opening day. Unbeknownst to us, she pocketed said trophy in hopes of doing something […]

Our Vision for 2022: A Chat About Expansion – and How to Do It


There are three words that we are keeping in mind as we enter into 2022: Community. Connection. Growth. A lot has changed in the world in the past couple of years, forcing a lot of people to rethink…well…everything. Something we’ve learned through all the societal changes is this: When things get tough, you don’t have […]

New Year, New You… No Thank You

Invariably, the new year brings about the usual talk of how important it is to set resolutions with advice on how to set goals, ways to stick to them, and all the “start fresh” and “new year, new you” motivational quotes you could ever need. But is that what you really want? Does the simple […]